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Leadership Exercises

Leadership Exercises require the presence of an efficient team guided by a leader. Leadership involves guiding a group of team members towards achieving a pre-defined goal. Since every individual differs from one another, leadership can be further characterized into various classes and categories. More often than not; successful leadership depends on the situation. Every situation demands a different leadership style since there is single style of leadership which can successfully address every situation.

The discussion below would help you understand the various exercises which can be put into use while addressing various situations that arise during the course of any activity undertaken by the team. There are few specific solutions which have been suggested which would help a leader address and relate to a real-time circumstance.

Leadership Exercises – Various Types

•    Motivation: This is one of the Leadership Exercises which helps you in not only understanding the situations but also the practices which motivate team members. Another activity which could be put into practice is the observation of a group’s reaction once a new leader takes charge. This approach that a new leader should follow is also one of the motives addressed through this exercise. Another factor affecting the success of the team is the leader’s attitude.

•    Change Implementation gives you an insight about the behavior of the team members during the course of a restructuring. The strategies that arise from such problems while restructuring also offer vital information. It’s essential to set clear objectives to achieve success. During this activity, an individual makes a note of the proceedings whereas you are required to explain the task objectives. The feedback offered by whosoever is taking down notes guides in explaining the benefits of clearly stating the objectives to the team members.

•    Clear communication in another type amongst the many Leadership Exercises which revolves around achieving a target which is bound to be a failure if not properly communicated. This activity gauges you on your communication skills.

•    Mapping leadership skill is about measuring your skill in making the best possible use of the resources made available to you. The objective of this exercise is to emphasize over the effective and optimum utilization of the resources which have been available. This evaluates your leadership skills.

•    Creative Leadership exercises are the most beneficial. This activity requires the leader to lead the team towards a successful result. The observers’ feedback is considered very crucial since it highlights the shortcomings the leader faces while heading a team. This activity is entirely based upon effective monitoring, delegation and organization of the chores assigned. This activity makes you learn the completion of the activity within a given time span. Whereas, effective delegation by the leader keeps a check over how effective are you while working against time. The tasks to be completed exceed the resources provided. The underlying theme is effective planning of resources to finish the task well within the time limit.

•    Solution Exercise is also one from the many Leadership Exercises which offers the teammates with incomplete information and it’s the responsibility of the leader to link these bits of information and come out with a logical picture and set forth a goal for the team to achieve.